Images by Diefonk

2011 - 2014

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simple digital drawing of a bird with the swedish word for bird written next to it


simple digital drawing of the tardis from doctor who

TARDIS (from Doctor Who)

simple digital drawing of a dalek from doctor who saying exterminate

Dalek (from Doctor Who)

minecraft building of a square silver tower with a golden pyramid on top

The Wizard Tower (from Septimus Heap)

black figure with white eyes, it has a head and a limbless body tapering to a point at the bottom


jack-o'-lantern with a black band with eye holes in it across its eyes

Ninja Pumpkin

pixel art sprite sheet purple blob with eyes standing and jumping

Purple Blob Sprite Sheet

photo of a hexagonal tower made of cards and masking tape, there are outcroppings with triangular roofs around the walls, the top has crenellations and a kind of antenna thing

Tower of Cards

photo of a book cut and painted to look like the tardis from doctor who, police public call box is written along the spine

Book that looks like the TARDIS (from Doctor Who)

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