Images by Diefonk

2015 - 2017

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animated image in green and black divided into four segments, the top left is a grid with four blinking points, the top right is a circle with a polygon constantly changing its amount of sides in it and three numbers next to it, the bottom left is a bar graph with multiple bars going up and down, the bottom right is a bunch of text talking about starting and calibrating a machine

GIF made to be displayed on a screen at a sci-fi themed party (text based on "System;Start" by Area 11)

pixel art person with light skin and brown hair and beard and goggles on rainbow background


two stick figures, one is thinking an animated rotating cube but speaking a square

I have trouble putting my thoughts into words

pixel art finn the human

Finn (from Adventure Time)

pixel art jake the dog

Jake (from Adventure Time)

pixel art princess bubblegum

Bubblegum (from Adventure Time)

pixel art marceline the vampire queen

Marceline (from Adventure Time)

pencil drawing of three shield shaped faces, one face is a base for the other two with circular empty eyes and a pointy nose and a slightly smiling mouth with a sharp tooth sticking out, another face has shaggy hair and a shaggy beard and goggles, the last face has medium length dark hair and a symbol with tendrils across one eye


drawing of four figures with big smiles and raised glasses sitting on either sides of a larger red figure with a crown, in the top right toast to the red queen is written

Toast (based on "Red Queen" by Area 11)

drawing of a person with light skin and green eyes and black hair which is shaved on one side, they are wearing a purple shirt and black blazer, there is some red stuff splashed across their face and hair and chest, they are smiling slightly and has their tongue out to lick up some red stuff on their lips


pencil drawing of a man with medium length light hair and a small braid and a headband

Genderbent Snorri (from Septimus Heap)

minecraft building made of stone brick with a nether brick roof, there are two low towers on each end and a larger tower in the middle, in front is a big lawn with a small bridged moat and a stone brick and iron bar fence, the image is animated so that the middle of the building bounces between being close and far away

The Palace (from Septimus Heap)

pixel art golden ring with a shape with an emerald eye on it

Dragon Ring (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art golden arrow with silver wings at the back end

Flyte Charm (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art piece of chocolate

Chocolate Charm (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art blue circle with an eye with an x over it

Unseen Charm (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art red triangle with an egyptian hieroglyph

Fireball Charm (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art light blue circle with snowflake

Snowball Charm (for an unfinished Septimus Heap Minecraft mod)

pixel art monster consisting of two green eyes at the sides of two red lips and a gaping pink mouth

Eye Monster

pixel art green monster with two rounded off horns and a straight mouth and eyes looking up to the left

Horn Monster

pixel art monster with fluffy edges and three crossed out eyes and a big smiling mouth on a green background

Fluffy Monster

pixel art game boy on a purple background

Game Boy

digital drawing of an old man with long grey hair and a short grey beard and bloodshot eyes and blemished light skin and rotting teeth and a brown shirt, behind him are hardly legible words in different shades of red

Why is he so happy?

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