Images by Diefonk

2018 - 2019

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pixel art roobit

Roobit (from Pizza Game)

animated image of a 3d modelled spiky bird spinning around

A Bird, I Guess (for The Crows Crows Crows Community Museum)

3d modelled face with devil horns

We Know (for The Crows Crows Crows Community Museum)

pixel art figure with a pink hat and blue dress and yellow face and black eyes and legs

Pah (for The Club)

black silhouette of a city with a purple sky filled with white stars and a yellow moon behind it

Night, Murder (for The Club)

pink silhouette of a city with a blue sky and a yellow sun behind it

Morning, Murder (for The Club)

white fancy text saying murder of and white pixel art text saying ghosts on a black and dark grey swirling background

Murder of Ghosts (for The Club)

simple digital drawing of a purple bird with an orange beak on a light yellow background

Bird (for The Bird Museum)

drawing of a ring consisting of small mushrooms and blades of grass

Ring of Mushrooms

drawing of a person with dark medium length hair and empty eyes and a drooling mouth

Head Empty

animated digital drawing of a frog opening and closing its mouth


animated digital drawing of three crows opening their beaks and saying caw after each other


animated digital drawing of a square yellow device saying hello world, it has a red button on the top and a green button on the left and a blue button on the right and a black button on the bottom, it has a square screen with a face consisting of plusses for eyes and a mouth that moves as it speaks


animated digital drawing of an egg with a face and legs saying i'm an egg with tiny legs


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